Movers and Shapers ll – Women/Land/Sculpture – Hazelhurst Arts Centre


Movers & Shapers II –  Land/Women/Sculpture focuses on the landscape through a female lens – 29 artists respond to women and the land through different mediums, emphasising relief and sculpture work.  This is a biannual exhibition project founded Louisa Chircop in collaboration with curator Carrie Kibbler.   19 November – 5 December 2021.    Broadhurst Gallery  Hazelhurst Arts Centre.

Stones and Bones – mixed media construction  – animal bones, pebbles, stiletto shoes, lace stockings, wood and paint    83 x 63 x 8cm  

We live in a capitalist and consumerist society.  This brings us a higher standard of living and material comfort, usually relating to status but at what cost!   The landscape of our world, our oceans, rivers, forests and natural environments are suffocating from the over consumption and the burning of fossil fuels.  I’m not pointing a finger at women but looking at these issues and the landscape through a female lens.

Stones and Bones  signifies a land stripped bare and the ephemeral nature of existence.  The shoes represent our heavy footprint across every corner of the earth.  The fashion industry is an example of growing unsustainable consumption, cheap labour and waste.