Contemporary Gallipoli – Grafton Regional Art Gallery

Opening 18 March 2016.

Group Exhibition of Australian and Turkish artists curated by Dr Meredith Brice.

A touring Macquarie University exhibition which commenced in April 2015 at Macquarie University Art Gallery Sydney. Artists are – Ross Auld – ceramics; Cenk Beyhan – paintings and hand colour prints; Susan O’Doherty – mixed media assemblages; Stephen Copland – mixed media and video art; Mark Davis – paintings; Meredith Brice – mixed media installations; Ihsan Dogrusoz – prints; Kate Downhill – paintings and mixed media; Burt Muller – jewellery; Dianne Jones – digital prints; Toby Roberts – musical compositions; Chris Sainsbury – musical compositions.

This exhibition explores and commemorates the first year of the Great War, specifically the Gallipoli Campaign from both Australian and Turkish perspectives.