Femme-Maison:Imagined Boundaries exhibition Macquarie University Art Gallery

Femme-Maison: Imagined Boundaries exhibition celebrates the 50th anniversary of the women’s Art Movement in Australia and Macquarie University’s 60th anniversary.   Open by Juno Gemes, photographer, activist, curator and writer. This exhibition of 0ver 50 artists taps into the gallery collection and celebrates a rich visual narrative of women’s art making over the past 50 years. … Read more »

Finalist in the KAAF Art Prize – Korean Cultural Centre

‘The Cat’ –  acrylic on canvas. 61 x 61cm Numbers, dates, time, infinity, always in a state of flux.  Are these people together? Do they exist?  Is the cat real? Exhibition runs 1st December 2023-25th January 2024 Korean Cultural Centre Australia Gallery 255 Elizabeth Street Sydney  

Fishers Ghost Art Award – Campbelltown Arts Centre

The Nursery  –  acrylic on canvas   122 x 106cm The Nursery is hanging in the Fisher’s Ghost Art Award at Campbelltown Arts Centre 28 October – 8 December Boxed into an enclosed space, so goes the cycle of life, society’s expectations, opportunity versus a biological window, women can have it all, but have to do… Read more »

Vibrations in Australian Drawing, Macquarie University Art Gallery

Vibrations in Australian Drawing – Macquarie University Art Gallery – group exhibition, 106 artists, demonstrating the practice of drawing underlying a range of disciplines. Curators:  Rhonda Davis, Ken Gouriotis, Leonard Janiszewksi, Tom Murray. 14 August – 19 October.   Image – Standing with 3 of my pencil and oil stick drawings at Macquarie University Art Gallery opening night. … Read more »

Finalist in the KAAF Art Prize – Korean Cultural Centre

‘A Burnt Match’.   acrylic on canvas.  150 x 122cm. ‘We are constantly seeking purpose and meaning and yet so many things are beyond our control.  Life is messy and we tend to catastrophise when all we are trying to do is find an equilibrium between order and chaos’ opening. 25 November. 6-8 255 Elizabeth Street… Read more »

Summer Sojour – Artists in Conversation Art Atrium with Nick Tsoutas

Seven Artists will be in conversation with Nick Tsoutas – Independent Curator and Former Director of Sydney College of Art Galleries and former Director of Artspace. Michelle Belgiorno, Tony Costa, Kaye Mahoney, Teena McCarthy, Susan O’Doherty, Laurens Tan, William Yang.   Saturday, 12 November 2022  2.30-4.30pm. 12 Daniel Street -Daphne Street. Botany      

SMH John McDonald review of Portia Geach Memorial Art Prize 1st October 2022

My painting of Fiona Lowry is mentioned in SMH Spectrum Arts article by John McDonald – ‘Susan O’Doherty’s Fiona Lowry with Red Cushion is an apparently straight forward likeness that offers up its complexities in a gradual fashion.  The artist’s use of solid planes of contracting and complementary colour is trickier than it seems.  So… Read more »