Artwork donation to the 2019 Sydney Peace Prize awarded to the Me Too movement

I was asked to donate an artwork to be auctioned off at a gala dinner and silent auction on Friday November 15 to raise money to secure the Sydney Peace Prize.

Me Too leaders, founder Tarana Burke and co-founder of NOW Australia Tracey Spicer AM are accepting the Peace Prize for: “empowering survivors of sexual harassment and violence, and elevating their voices; for championing truth and justice; and highlighting the breadth and impact of sexual violence worldwide; and for launching a demand for change that is sweeping the world” (2019 Sydney Peace Prize citation).


Mixed media assemblage      60 x 62 x 10cm

A woman’s self worth is reflected by diverse cultural notions of age, employment, body image, sexuality, beauty and attraction.   In this work I use patterning to emphasis repeated patterns of behaviour relating to consumerism, racism and domestic violence.   With ‘Invisible’ signifying the paradoxical impetus to simultaneously stand out and fit into the crowd the intention is to remind us that women are strong, capable, resilient, and qualified, yet still rendered invisible and don’t have equal economic status and are critically under-represented in politics, business and the law.

Susan O’Doherty