Fisher’s Ghost Art Award

The Ladder – Glass Ceiling     mixed media assemblage   144 x 90 x 35cm     (cotton, paint, wood, wool, stilettos and childrens shoes).

The Ladder – Glass Ceiling is hanging in the Fisher’s Ghost Art Award at Campbelltown Arts Centre 31 Oct-11 Dec.   It doesn’t matter what you do, say or where you’re educated, it’s still a long and difficult path for many women to obtain equal pay and equal opportunity in the workplace.  In art as in many other professions, women have faced the ‘glass ceiling’, a phrase first coined in 1978 by Marilyn Loden, a mid-level manager at New York Telephone Company.  Four decades on this phrase is as relevant today. My ladder is inset into the wallpaper with shoes ascending and knives raining down; the knives signifying the pushback and disincentive women face on the way up, a constant reminder that the glass ceiling is ubiquitous from childhood to adulthood.