8th Beijing International Art Biennale, China 2019

The National Art Museum of China Beijing

Opening Night: 30th August 2019
From: 26th August 2019
Until: 23rd September 2019

Three Spotted Chairs   acrylic on canvas  167 x 152cm

Three Spotted Chairs acrylic on canvas 167 x 152cm

I am exhibiting in the 8th Beijing International Art Biennale China 2019 held in the National Art Museum Beijing.

The theme of the exhibition is  ‘A Colourful World and a Shared Future’.

‘Three Spotted Chairs’  acrylic on canvas  168 x 152cm

‘Three Spotted Chairs’ is a painting depicting three disembodied garments, a mother and children as a metaphor for the ephemeral nature of existence. These garments with patterns and designs are the armour we put on to present ourselves to the world. Social media, news, fashion and movies deliver unrealistic expectations and yet our relationship with ourselves is internalized and subjective. Our homes and the clothes we wear are concrete manifestations of our identity, anchoring us to reality. I’ve painted the clothes as brightly coloured two-dimensional cut-outs as if seen through a child’s eye.