Art Central Hong Kong 2019

Art Atrium Sydney

Opening Night: Tuesday March 26
From: March 27
Until: March 31


‘Here and Now’

Each assemblage incorporates a handbag as a reflection of diverse cultural notions of ownership, individuality, agency and personal choice.  These ubiquitous yet private vessels are conceptual time capsules representing interior and material worlds, emphasising content, composition and colour relating to patterns of behaviour, consumerism, desire, beauty and how a woman’s self worth is influenced by society’s pressure to conform.  A handbag is often considered a statement, tied up with economic status, body image, sexuality, obsession, acceptance and….being a human.

Susan O’Doherty   2019

mixed media assemblages   –  40 x 30 x 6cm


Here and Now 120 x 180 x 10cm