Hunting Season – Studio Exhibition: Eygalieres, Provence France

NG Art Creative Residency

Opening Night: 26th November 2017

Throughout October and November 2017 I was an artist in residence at NG Art Creative Residency in Eygalieres, Provence, Southern France.  During my stay I made paintings which were exhibited in the studio to coincide with the conclusion of the residency.

I painted beds, tables and interiors, many sharing the motifs of guns.  Every morning I woke to the sound of gun shots.  September to March is hunting season in France and men and their dogs would traipse around the local country side, often just beyond the hedges surrounding our homestead, shooting at birds, rabbits and boars.  At times the gunfire was constant and I couldn’t quite get my head around the shooting of birds or anything else!

I realise that it is partly cultural and partly necessary to remove pests from the eco-system but nevertheless every time I heard a shot it symbolised the death of an animal.