Suburban Dreams

Glasshouse Port Macquarie Regional Gallery

Suburban Dreams –  Glasshouse Port Macquarie Regional Gallery

Group Exhibition Curated by Niomi  Sands
7 August – 13 September 2015

Artists – Dallas Bray, Peter Lankas, Kendall Murray and Peter O’Doherty and Susan O’Doherty

This exhibition explores the notions of the ‘Great Australian Dream’, with an eye on the material culture of the everyday, the ordinary and suburban.

Inspired by the suburban sprawl of new housing estates, Hills Hoists, and white picket fences, this exhibition investigates this ideology within the arts practice of this group of artists, each creating their own powerful, and at times, nostalgic ‘Suburban Dream’, turning what is normally deemed ordinary into the extraordinary, enchanted, sublime and at times humorous.

Niomi Sands
Gallery Curator


Susan O’Doherty presents abstraction in an entirely different way, with the objects that define our interior experience assembled on boards, colour coded or otherwise organised like aesthetic mind maps.  Her titles refer to the being and doing of our lives, with Multitasking allying the retro telephone with a clock, a jelly mould, and hardware items, defining in a unique way, the urban dweller’s operation, over many different fronts, to make our dreams and hopes a reality.  Blue Bow integrates directional high heels with a drink bottle, shower taps, scales and a teapot, with vintage elements forming the background (lino, tiles and moulding).  Objects are over written by materials that define the lives and routines of the suburbs.

Louise Martin-Chew